After treatment with BOTOX and other neurotoxins  

    To prevent the possible side effect of ptosis (drooping of the eyelids).

No heavy lifting, vigorous exercise for 4 hours following treatment.

Avoid manipulating  the area for at least 4 hours following treatment.

No facials, peels, microdermabrasion, threading, laser until 24 hours after.

No yoga or visiting the sauna until the following day.

Cold compresses  may be applied lightly to the area for about  5 minutes up to  three times a day if there is discomfort.

If you experience a headache, take Tylenol as needed. Aspirin, Ibuprofen and Naproxen can sometimes cause bruising.

For redness or itching, oral antihistamines like Zyrtec or Allegra may be used.

OTC Hydrocortisone cream 2x a day for 3 to 7 days may be applied to areas that are irritated.

Do not wear a hat or head gear if you are having Botox on your forehead until the next day.

Do not lie down after treatment for about 4 hours especially if you received several units of Botox.

Avoid heavy sunglasses/glasses if you are treating your bunny lines (lines on and at the side of your nose when scrunch your nose) for about 4 hours after treatment unless you need it for driving or important tasks.

It may take 2 weeks to take full effect. You will start noticing changes in a week.

It is recommended that you contact the office no later than 2 weeks after treatment if desired effect was not achieved and to schedule an appointment for touchups.