I’d like to thank my patients who gave their consents to use their photos. Some have shared it to me virtually (a few weeks after the treatment) as we try to minimize contact in person.

Last time I updated this website was about a year ago. You may refer to my facebook and instagram posts for more photos. Hopefully, I can upload more when I get the chance from my computer.

www.instagram.com/reverza.MD and www.facebook.com/ReverzaMD

I feel blessed for your support and trust. Money was never the motivator when I started the aesthetic business. The revenues so far are helping me conduct my aging research and writing. Research apparently requires not only time but also money. Again, thank you.

I initially planned on writing more about aging that is not related to aesthetics on this website www.reverza.com but I think I will be more effective if I put my writing on a different website. It is still not ready but will update you.