Why Reverza Aesthetics was founded?

It usually takes 3 to 5 months to see a dermatologist in Lane County Oregon due to the shortage of specialists. When patients finally are able to be seen at the dermatology clinic for their appointment, they disappointingly find out that the dermatologist do not practice or perform aesthetics procedures. When patients go to a cosmetic or plastic surgery practice, most of the time they are not allowed by the staff to see the surgeon unless they want surgery. They are left to see their assistants. Patients are left with no choice but to proceed with treatment with less qualified individuals either in that practice or elsewhere. This often leads to poor outcomes and unsatisfactory results. When complications arise, these are often not addressed by the assistants because not only for the lack of training but also because they are not licensed to manage or treat medical complications. Medical doctors are the only professionals (besides NP’s and PA’s) licensed to diagnose and treat medical conditions. Worst case scenario, the patient is left but no choice to go to the emergency room with embarrassment and outstanding medical bills. Unbeknownst to many,  facial fillers can cause blindness and tissue death if accidentally injected into an artery. Some emergency rooms do not stock medicines like hyaluronidase to dissolve the fillers. Due to the reasons above, Reverza Aesthetic Medicine was founded by Dr. Asirot.  Dr. Asirot did not take a weekend course to learn aesthetics. During medical school and residency, his electives were mostly in plastic surgery and dermatology. Yearly he attends training, preceptorships and conferences in skincare and aesthetics. He also deals with skin diseases daily in his medical practice performing skin exams, diagnosing and treating skin conditions and removing skin lesions such as skin cancer. However, at Reverza Aesthetic Medicine we only offer aesthetic treatments to fill the gap in the community. To assure optimal results, Dr. Asirot performs the procedures himself. Other practices only use the “name” of the doctor for licensing purposes but is never present at the medspa or practice.